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AI Transcription

Create Voice files, Video or Speech-to-Text & Convert to any Language – Real Time Conversion

Using Artificial Intelligence, we bring you – Transcribe for me AI Transcriptionist Your Automatic Transcriptionist – MAC & PC Compatible. 

Faster Editing – Highly accurate transcripts

Each word time stamped –  Locate audio in the recording by searching for text

Generate subtitles –  Video or audio files

Custom Vocabulary –  Add new words to the base vocabulary

New Machine Learning – Improves as you go

Deep Learning – Auto Punctuation

Recognize Multiple Speakers – Recognize when speakers changes

Streaming Transcription – Transcribe audio to text in real time

Cataloging Audio – Fully searchable archives for compliance monitoring & risk management

Elasticsearch service to index – Perform text-based search across audio/video library

Telephone audio – Use a sample rate of 8000 Hz

Channel Identification – Audio & video where each speaker is recorded on different channels

Hardware – Download our voice recording app or use your own digital recorder

Compatible Voice Formats – MP3, MP4, or Flac, Wav file format with PCM 16 bit

Security – SSL Encryption – Hipaa Compliant – Canadian Data Servers – Password Protection


Price Examples:              Text Length       Cost     

Video trailer                            2.3 Mins               $0.30           

Recorded voice file                 30 Mins                $4

Conference recording           120 Mins                $14

Call center recording              200 Mins              $24


Translation Features

Convert your text files to any of the languages listed below

English to Spanish, French, German, Simple Chinese, Hindi, & Arabic.  Spanish to English, French to English, German to English, Simple Chinese to English, Hindi to English & Arabic to English.

Highly Accurate – Continuously Learning

Real-Time Translations – On demand translations

Scalable –  A few words or large volumes of text

Customizable – Ability to customize terms

Language Identification – Automatically identifies the source language

Real-Time Translations –  Deliver on-demand translations

Secure Machine Translation – Protected by SSL encryption

Security – SSL Encryption – Hipaa Compliant – Canadian Data Servers – Password Protection

Price Examples:

Text Length                               Cost

3K Characters                                $0.24

11K Characters                               $0.80

362K Characters                            $28

1M Characters                                $75

2M Characters                                $150

*The above prices are average prices per characters for translation services


Live Speech Recognition Feature

Speech Recognition Window – Click on Live Speech Recognition & talk into your built in microphone for live speech to text.  Create live documents and save to Transcribe for me web app.  Convert live speech-to-text to other languages.

Download Mobile App to your Smartphone

Voice Recorder, Speech Recognition & Translation App on the go



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Security Features

Powered by Amazon Canada –   Hipaa compliant servers in Canada.  We strive to protect your data on our Amazon s3 Servers – Linux Servers – The highest level of security in Canada – Compatible with Amazon Blockchain

Products Used – Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translation Services.

*No advertisements on app for uninterrupted recording. Professional dictation software for voice recording and speech recognition documents. We do not collect any voice data.