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Record Voice Files, Transcribe Voice Files, Create Live Speech to Text Documents and Convert your text to any language all in one platform

Record your voice files or Video files on your computer and upload to cloud or download to your local computer. Record, Stop, Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Overwrite or Insert.  Just like your traditional handheld recorder and now on your computer screen. Fast easy and upload to cloud.  Have your transcriptionist login to cloud website to retrieve files for fast transcription with USB Foot Pedal.

Download our mobile app and dictate on your mobile phone.  Upload voice files from phone to web app automatically.  You will be able to see your voice files created on your mobile phone on your computer. Login to Web app to see files created on mobile phone.

LIVE SPEECH to TEXT DOCUMENTS – Create your documents live – Connect your usb microphone and start dictating live. Live Speech to text. Print, Save or Upload for editing.


Playback voice files and transcribe in a traditional manner with our USB Foot Pedal or convert the voice files to text for faster transcription or converts your voice files to text and allows for language conversion.

Files can be download to computer or transcribed in the cloud.  Pedal only works with our cloud AI transcription web app – Voice files are compatible with your desktop transcription software.  Our web based transcription app is based on the internet. You will need an internet connection.

Convert your text files to any of the languages listed: English to Spanish, French, German, Simple Chinese, Hindi, & Arabic.  Spanish to English, French to English, German to English, Simple Chinese to English, Hindi to English & Arabic to English.

AI Transcription Accessories


Transcribe for me USB Foot Pedal compatible with AI Transcription Web App

3.5mm Maxell Earbud Headset for Transcription

AI Recording Microphones


USB Desktop Microphone for recording

A6 Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Recording

K10C Bluetooth Headset for Recording

Download Mobile App to your Smartphone

Voice Recorder, Speech Recognition & Translation App on the go



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Hardware – Download our voice recording app or use your own digital recorder

Compatible Voice Formats – MP3, MP4, or Flac, Wav file format with PCM 16 bit – Upload your voice files and have them transcribed.

Security – SSL Encryption – Hipaa Compliant – Canadian Data Servers – Password Protection

Powered by Amazon Canada –   Hipaa compliant servers in Canada.  We strive to protect your data on our Amazon s3 Servers – Linux Servers – The highest level of security in Canada – Compatible with Amazon Blockchain

Products Used – Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translation Services.

*No advertisements on our mobile app or web app for uninterrupted recording and transcription. Professional dictation and transcription software for voice recording and speech recognition. We do not collect any voice data.