How this works

How this works

Employer will post jobs for transcriptionist to bid on. Transcriptionist can also bid on posted jobs.  Transcriptionist will accept the bid and not bid higher.  The Employer will set the bid price on an hourly basis.  minimum $35 per hour.  If you require 4 hours of work a week, then your bid price is $140.  The Transcriptionist can not bid higher or lower. Based on a week of service.


Lawyer/Doctor/Professional record onto our mobile dictation app and send voice files to our transcriptionist secure email address.  You will need an Iphone or Android Mobile Phone.  Our Transcriptionist will have digital transcription software, foot pedal and headset installed.



Employer – Download our Mobile Dictation App.

Transcriptionist  – Purchase a transcription kit or you’re welcome to use your own equipment.  Our Mobile dictation app records in a .Wav format.  Download our app and use the trial period to send yourself voice files in order to test compatibility with your Transcription software.


Sign up:

Step 1 for all parties – Click on the top tool bar “Pages”.  Click on Confidentiality Agreement (This is mandatory to be a part of our Freelance Transcription Service).  The Employer is welcome to send additional Confidentially forms if needed.

Step 2 for all parties – Create either an Employer or Freelance Transcriptionist account.

Step 3 for all parties – Check your email account to activate your account.

Step 4 for all parties – Sign into “Transcribe for me” and click on My Profile. Fill out your profile to the best of your ability.  The more information that you can provide the greater success we will have

Step 5 for Transcriptionist – Email a picture of Identification to or Health Card as Valid Photo ID. We will not use your information for any purposes other than employment and the use of our website. We also want to protect our clients Medical/Legal/Professional information with all levels of security. At the request of the client, we reserve the right to run any background checks required by Disclosure/Client.


Transcriptionist need to know

Transcriptionist will be provided with a unique “Transcribe for me” email address to communicate with potential employers.  It is important to have transcription software, pedal and headset for quick transcription.

It is expected that the Transcriptionist communicate through the email address provided by “Transcribe for me”. If you need to communicate with your employer by telephone, we ask that you don’t solicit our clients to work outside of our services directly.  These are professionals who have worked with our company for over 30 years.  We also provide them with over 10,000 Office products.  We hope to build a strong relationship with our transcriptionist community and help promote your abilities.

We will support our Transcriptionist with any communication issues or any disagreements with employer.   We reserve the right to block users from our services.  We look forward to building a relationship with both parties in order to provide an excellent transcription service. We do not support voice files sent to other locations outside of the email address that is provided to you on registration.


Employer need to know

Record onto our professional mobile dictation app.  Iphone and Android compatible (Download from Itunes Store or Android Store).  Password protect your voice files through our settings tab.  Email directly to our transcriptionist with the share button.  You will be able to communicate with your transcriptionist through email.  We can support best if you interact with Transcriptionist through “Transcribe for me” email address.  We do not accept any interactions with Transcriptionist personal email addresses. The Transcriptionist will provide you with a unique “transcribeforme” email address.  You are welcome to exchange phone numbers in order to communicate.

We are here to support you with all issues that arise between your company and our transcriptionist.  We support you with all issues that can come up.  We request that you don’t solicit our Transcriptionist in order to work outside of our service.  We want to support the Transcriptionist through our website services. We reserve the right to block users from our services.  We look forward to building a relationship with both parties in order to provide an excellent transcription services.


Free to use & completely transparent

Our service is free to use.  We are not a job agency and frown upon soliciting our website for your own company.  We hold the right to remove users and block IP Addresses of users who build a relationship outside of our website.  Our hope is to provide on-demand transcription services to our group of Lawyers/Doctors/Professionals.  Please only use the provided unique email address to communicate.  The Employer is welcome to use a personal email address to communicate with our Transcriptionist.  The employer will receive an email from a unique “transcribeforme” address.

Our 15% commission is taken from the total bid price.  Employer will pay “Transcribe for me” on completion of project.  We will charge your credit card when you finalize project. Bids do not include Ontario 13% sales tax.  An invoice will be sent out for Employer Accounting.  Transcriptionist will be paid by Company cheque mailed or E-transfer from Transcribe for me within 15 days of completing project.

Example:  Employer lists the minimum bid at $35 per hour x 4 hours a week (Employer decides on hours a week) = $140.  Transcriptionist receives a $119 Cheque or E-transfer from Transcribe for me.  Transcribe for me is paid $21 from the Employer bid.  Employer will pay $140 plus 13% Ontario Tax and receive an official invoice from Transcribe for me.


Why the commission fee:

We pay for website hosting and upkeep services to support the platform.  We promote our services online and at trade shows across Canada.  We will also promote our services to our current Medical/Legal community through e-flyers and mailouts

We support both parties with all disputes.  We  act as a mediator and come to a compromise for both parties.  Employer does not pay until they are 100% satisfied with work.  Transcriptionist will email with any issues.



We attend 2-4 Medical/Legal events across the GTA/Toronto each year.   Transcriptionist are welcome to attend shows with our company in order to promote Transcribe for me.  Please check our home page for Event dates.  We will pay you $15 per hour to join us at our booth.  Email to sign up.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email our support team at