Mobile Dictation App

Mobile Voice Recorder & Speech to Text App $6.99 per month

Create Voice Files & Speech to Text Files.  Easy upload from anywhere.  Login to your computer or have your assistant login to retrieve files.  Convert voice files to text or convert to supported languagesTranscribe For Me Login/Sign up

Login to our Transcribe For Me Web app to see your voice files – Foot pedal control available or Keyboard hot keys for fast transcription.  

Voice Record Features

Record, Play, Rewind, Record-Over, Fast-Forward & Insert

Email your voice files or Upload to Transcribe For Me Web App for easy universal playback on any computer or auto upload to Transcribe For Me Web App –

256-bit Encrypt voice files and email password protected locked Zip file.

Voice files are compatible with other dictation/transcription/speech recognition products.

Share voice files fast and easy.

Speech to Text Features

You Talk & Our App Types

Speech to text app – Dictate directly onto mobile phone.  See text live on screen.  Print document, save document or share document.  Use commands like “New Line”, “New Paragraph”, “Period”, “Comma” to create professional documents.  Easy to use.  Faster than finger typing.  Printing margins are letter size, standard page sizes (8.5 x 11).

How To:

Encrypt Voice file – Password protect file – Click on Settings from the top right-hand corner of screen and enable password.  We have no way of recovering password encrypted voice file.

Speech to Text – You can use commands like, New Paragraph, New line, Period and comma.  Create professional documents in letter size format (8.5 x 11) for easy printing or saving.

Download Transcribe For Me Mobile App to your smartphone & Try for free

iPhone now live


Android now live

*No advertisements on app for uninterrupted recording. Professional dictation app for voice recording and speech recognition documents. We do not collect any voice data.   All data is stored on your mobile phone or computer. 

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