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Posted on November 15, 2018


Project Desciption


Our client is looking to hire a French Transcriptionist.  Here is what the client has requested:

  1. $35 per hour with a one-hour minimum; additional time is charged in 15-minute increments. 
  2. The amount of time required for audio files with two speakers is calculated based on a 3:1 ratio.


Transcriptionist Qualifications

All transcriptionists are qualified professionals who have at least all the following attributes:

  1. A minimum of 5 years, full-time experience;
  2. Typing speeds of 75+ words per minute; and
  3. Passed internal ongoing QA steps.


Detailed Services Breakdown

The following services are included in the estimate:

  1. Project coordination;
  2. Transcription by an experienced professional;
  3. First QA professional spell checks and proofreads transcript;
  4. Second QA person performs a basic content check.
  • Insurance adjuster statements, so a legal in nature, but not contentious.


  • There is a portal in place to download and upload files.  We have set it up to email our vendor directly, and the vendor in turn emails us the file (on our template) for client delivery.


  • Not sure on audio format, but it has never been an issue so I assume mp3– I’ve asked our PM team and will confirm in the morning.


  • This is a key client, so doing good reliable work is key

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