Microphones for recording and speech recognition: 

Download our mobile app or use your own built in computer microphone. We also recommend a variety of microphones – Click Here

*MOBILE APP for ANDROID/IPHONE delayed – Release date scheduled for July 31st, 2021

Foot pedal for playback and Keyboard hot keys:

Click play button next to completed voice file.  A pop up editor will appear.  You can control the play/pause/fast forward/rewind with keyboard hot keys:

WINDOWS Keyboard Keys:

Alt + Windows Key = Play/Pause

Left Ctrl + Windows Key = Rewind

Left Ctrl + Left Shift = Fast Forward

APPLE Keyboard Keys:

Alt = Play/Pause

Ctrl = Rewind

Command = Fast Forward

If you prefer a foot pedal $79 BUY HERE.  We also offer trade in options.  Send us your pedal and we will send you ours.  30 day trial available – we are happy to ship our pedal first.


Free Trial Available, create your free account and start using the app now.

If you like the app our: $10 per month  or $120 per year

*price will be determined over a period of time, depending on storage used in the future.


Files will reside on cloud server for 90 days.  Please delete files from Backup or download to your personal computer.

After you create your voice file, click on save to either upload to server for transcriptionist to transcribe voice files or save the file to your computer. Upload will send files to the Transcribe for me web app.

Processing can take a few minutes, but you can continue to work on other files while they convert.  The longer the file the longer it will take. Please also use the refresh button to speed up transcription.

While files are being recorded, assistants can login and work on completed files.  Please share account credentials.

Save your voice files to your computer from your digital recorder and upload your voice files to our app for transcription – UPLOAD.

Speech recognition – start talking and our app begins to type.  Use commands like: New paragraph and Period. You can click anywhere within the editor and add text with keyboard.   This feature is a work in progress and we continue to develop the accuracy.

SAVE – will save your typed file as a doc file for further editing.  You can copy and paste text from Text Editor or set your program as the default for opening text files.


SUPPORT – – Send us an email if you have any issues or suggestions.  Our app is configurable and we continue to develop to make our products better for you. 


Compatible Voice Formats – MP3, MP4, or Flac, Wav file format with PCM 16 bit.

Security – SSL Encryption – Hipaa Compliant – Canadian Data Servers – Password Protection

Powered by Amazon Canada –   Hipaa compliant servers in Canada.  We strive to protect your data on our Amazon s3 Servers – Linux Servers – The highest level of security in Canada – *Compatible with Amazon Blockchain Coming Soon.

Products Used – Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translation Services.

*No advertisements on our mobile app or web app for uninterrupted recording and transcription. Professional dictation and transcription software for voice recording and speech recognition. We do not collect any voice data. All data is held on Amazon servers in Canada.  For more information please contact us at

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