Transcriptionist Need to Know

Transcriptionist need to know:

Please fill-out our Confidentiality Agreement and submit your signed agreement.  We will authorise your account and email your new login information.  You will need to setup your paypal account.  It’s free to create a paypal account in order to accept money from employers.  (You save on Paypal fees if you receive from: as family member – You will have to ask your employer to send to you as family member).  Login to your Transcribe for me account.  Click on your name – top right corner, click on my Profile, and update paypal account info to start receiving money.

You are welcome to you use your own Transcription software.  Our Mobile app records in Wav format.  This is a universal format and it should work with your Transcription Kit.  We recommend using our Olympus Transcription Kit for $199.  This includes a USB Foot Pedal, Headset and Transcription Software.  This transcription kit will be able to recognize the most popular recording formats (Wav, MP3, DSS & DS2).  It is your responsibility to have the correct transcription software.  We can recommend the right Transcription kit if you need help.  We can also send test files to make sure that your software is compatible.

The expectation is to receive these voice files via email to our companies email address. You will be given authorization to your own account to communicate with your employer. It is expected that Transcriptionist communicate through the email address provided by Transcribe for me. If you need to communicate with your employer by telephone, we ask that you don’t solicit our clients to work outside of our services directly.  These are professionals who we have worked with for over 30 years with our company.  We also provide them with over 10,000 Office products.  We hope to build a strong relationship with our transcriptionist and help promote your abilities.

We will help support our Transcriptionist through our website services.  We will support them with Software issues, Voice file Issues, Foot pedal issues, headsets issues, communication issues and many other things that come up in a day.   We reserve the right to block users from our services.  We look forward to building a relationship with both parties in order to provide an excellent transcription service.

We will promote our transcription services at local Medical/Legal/Professional conferences.  We have a great reputation in the Medical/Legal market and we hope to provide them with a flexible transcription service.


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